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5 Tips For Bringing A Puppy Home
If you are bringing a puppy home for the first time, you are about to experience a rewarding but demanding time in your life. There are many tips and techniques to help you with your new puppy.
Puppy Behavior Explained
Bringing a new puppy into a home will mark a change in your life. A puppy has a variety of different behaviors and it is essential that an owner understands how to control these behaviors. Below is a guide to puppy behavior with some essential tips that may help both owner and dog.
Miniature Dog Breeds Explained
Miniature or toy dogs are a group of very small canine breeds. Sometimes these miniature dogs are also referred to as teacup varieties. There are many different breeds which are classified as toy dogs.
Dog Breeds For Sale The Greyhound Examined
So your looking through newspapers and the internet looking for puppies for sale? Perhaps you are looking for a new dog for your family? There are many different dog breeds out there but one breed few people think of is the greyhound.
3 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Getting Injuries
If you have a dog it is important to provide a safe environment for your pet. There are many things you can do to ensure your dog is safe from harm at home and when you take it with you places. These things include locking up the trash, cleaning, and more.
How a Biting Dog Could Ruin Your Life
There are many ways a biting dog could ruin your life. You may be the owner of the dog or the recipient of a bite. The different ways include a lawsuit, injuries to you, injuries to a child, and even losing your pet. Teaching your dog not to bite will prevent any of these things from happening.
Top 5 Toy Dogs
The American Kennel Club compiles a list of the most commonly registered dogs in each group on a yearly basis. Every year toy dog registrations continue to increase across the group; however there seem to be some definite favorites. Toy dogs are popular because of their small size and the increasingly positive press these dogs are getting, especially as celebrity pets. This list only includes the purebred, registered members of each breed; however there are a huge number of hybrid or designer toy dogs also sold each year, further adding to the numbers.
Grooming Supplies for Added Style
Not every dog, whether purebred champion or friendly companion pet, has a coat that is easy to maintain and keep looking great with just a simple pin brush or bristle brush. There are many different grooming tools and supplies on the market that can help any breed or mixed breed dog look their best.
Introducing a puppy to cats
Dogs often suffer a great deal of negative stereotyping, unfair labeling, and poor press which creates an overly negative and often misleading image. One such stereotype which is so often portrayed on cartoons and the media for comedic effect is the idea that dogs and cats hate each other, and that if the two are together this will result in a fight.
Puppy Potty Training
Potty training a puppy can be a very difficult time. Puppies have to relieve themselves quite often and if they have not been trained yet this can be frustrating and messy. Some owners cringe at the thought of potty training.
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